How to purchase tickets

Bear in mind that, in case you have a voucher, first you have to include it in your vouchers jar at the "Vouchers" section. 


In order to purchase a ticket you need to click on the “Get it" button in the description section of the plan.




By doing that, you will see a window in which you should choose:


- the day you want to go to the event.

- the session you want to attend: Some events allow us to buy different versions of a plan. For example, a festival with or without camping

- the number of tickets you want to purchase. 

- the option to apply a voucher: If the plan allows the use of vouchers, you will see the option "Apply voucher"To know more about how to do it, please see this article.



Once you click on "Purchase" the process is completed and you will be able to see the ticket in the "Tickets" section on your profile. Please review the purchase confirmation email carefully, as sometimes extra steps are required (e.g. calling to confirm reservation, etc)



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