I have purchased a ticket, what do I need to do now?

You should always read carefully the instructions stated in the ticket details and in the confirmation email, as sometimes extra steps are needed (e.g. calling to confirm reservation, etc)

Sometimes, we just need to show the ticket to the venue staff in order to enjoy the plan. Nevertheless, it is quite common that you need to validate the ticket as well.

Only when you are in the establishment with the venue staff, you will have to validate your ticket. If the ticket is validated prior to that, you won’t be able to enjoy the plan.

To validate it, go to the "Tickets" section on your profile and select the ticket. Then, click on "Validate tickets" at the bottom. Please note that this option might appear just one hour prior to the plan start time to avoid validations by mistake.




By doing this, a new screen is presented. Simply write a letter V with your finger. 



Click here to watch a video showing you how to do it!



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