Don't know if I purchased my ticket or not

The best way to know if a purchase has been successfully made is to check the "Tickets" section of your profile.

If you find the ticket for this purchase in this section, it means the purchase has been completed even though you may have not yet been charged in your credit card or Paypal account.

If your ticket is not there, the purchase has not been completed yet and you must do it again if you still want the ticket. In these cases, we recommend that you:

  • Delete the payment method introduced from the Settings section in your app.
  • Close the app so it can refresh and the cache can be deleted.
  • Log in again (from the same platform used before, either Facebook or Google) and check the Tickets section to confirm no ticket has been eventually purchased.
  • Once confirmed no purchases were made, introduce again the payment method and purchase your tickets.

If you didn't make a purchase using the app:

To purchase from, you have to log into your Fever account using your Facebook/Google login. Keep in mind that if you have already added a Facebook/Google profile to, the website will save your credentials and you won't have to log in each time.

If after making your purchase you do not receive the confirmation email to your usual address, check to see which account was actually used to make the purchase as it might not be the one you expected.

Once you have found the email confirmation, download the app onto your mobile device using the same login credentials, go to the ticket section of the app and enjoy the event.

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