How to buy with coupons

With Fever vouchers it is much easier to manage all the discounts we offer you.

Go to the "Vouchers" section on your profile and you will see all your vouchers. Each one of those will have its own features and requirements, as well as its own expiration date, and you choose which one you use!

For your convenience, please review the steps to apply a voucher in your purchases:

1. Choose a plan and click "Get it"
2. In this section you must choose the session and number of tickets that you need. You will see also the total price.
3. If the plan has vouchers enabled, you will see the option "Apply voucher". Bear in mind that, in case we had given you a VIP voucher, you will be able to skip all the restrictions!
4. Once you tap this button, a new window is presented containing all the vouchers you have, split in "Available" and "Unavailable". This happens because, as mentioned, each voucher follows its own rules and requirements and maybe that specific plan does not match all of them.
5. Choose one voucher among the available ones and you will go back to the ticket selector, where the final price should be updated with the correct discount.
6. In case you change your mind and prefer a different voucher, simply click [X] on the voucher row and the button will be restored to "Apply voucher" again. Choose a different voucher and the final price will be updated again.
Attention! If you change something after applying a voucher, it will disappear and you must apply it again. This happens because your new selection might not be eligible for the voucher you had previously selected.
7. Click "Purchase", and that's it.

Remember! Review the confirmation email carefully, as sometimes extra steps are needed (e.g. calling to confirm reservation, etc)

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