I receive an error message when entering a code

1- All voucher codes have an expiration date, after which, the code can not be redeemed:
“This voucher has expired. You must be faster next time!”.

2- A voucher code can be redeemed by a certain amount of users:
“The maximum amount of vouchers redeemed have already been reached out”.

3- Each person can only redeem one welcome voucher code:
“Oops! Remember that welcome vouchers can only be redeemed once”.

4- Some codes can only be redeemed after we have joined an event list or we have purchased a specific ticket for an event:
“In order to use this code, you must purchase a specific event!”.

5- There are vouchers created to be used by people from a certain city. If somebody tries to use it from another city they will be unable to redeem it.

6- It is necessary to update the app to the latest version to redeem some voucher codes:
“Update the app to the latest version to redeem this code”.

7- In the case that more than one Fever account has signed into the same mobile device (New Version), none of the owners of those accounts will be able to redeem voucher codes in their profiles anymore.

8- Each voucher code can only be redeemed once. If you try to redeem it twice, you will not be able to do so. "This coupon has already been used".

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