I think I have two profiles

As you know, you can sign in to Fever through your Facebook account or Google+ account. When you log in for the first time, your account is automatically linked to the social network you have selected.

Unfortunately, it is easy to forget how you logged in initially and you might log in with the other social network by accident. In this event you would be creating a new account. From that moment on, the app will detect that you are using "two" accounts in the same device, an activity contrary to the terms of use that every user agrees to fulfill when creating the profile.

In these cases, it is common that your tickets "disappear" mysteriously, because you have bought them with one account and have logged in with the other. You will not be able to redeem vouchers correctly either. For these reasons, if you think you might have more than one account, contact us at and we will help you solving this issue.

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